Modular Homes are pre-built in our state of the art factory using high quality materials.

Homestar is a New Zealand home rating and advisory tool that examines a broad range of home performance and resource consumption-related issues and is applicable to both new and existing homes. 80% of NZ homes rate 1 or 2 stars, the old building code is 3 stars, the new building code is 4 to 5 stars. Modular homes are rated Homestar 6 or higher, making them healthier, more comfortable, warmer in winter, cooler in summer, energy efficient and much cheaper to heat and cool.

MBS Panels make up the walls and ceilings of Modular Homes; an insulated structural sandwich panel consisting of metal outer surfaces bonded to an insulating core of fire-resistant expanded polystyrene foam with a purpose designed thermosetting structural adhesive.

The doors and windows are Low E, double glazed.
Low E glass coatings work by reflecting or absorbing IR light (heat energy)
. The coating reflects IR heat from inside the room to help reduce the energy loss during the cold months and absorbs IR heat from the outside, thereby reducing solar gain and cooling costs during the warm months.
Doors and windows are built of structurally rigid aluminium, coated with PVC to prevent thermal bridging between the inside and the outside of the buildings.

Integrating MBS panels and Low-E windows and doors with under-floor insulation gives high thermal ratings (a thermal envelope of approx. 9.6R out of a possible 12 R-value). Modular Homes only require heating for a few weeks in the year and stay cool in summer. Installing energy saving devices, solar panels and a cool grid tied solar inverter can lead to large savings on power bills and provide a comfortable year-round environment.

The cost of installing Solar can often be recouped from power bill savings within a few years and adding the savings to mortgage payments can help to pay off a mortgage faster and lead to saving tens of thousands of dollars in mortgage payments.

Gas ‘on-demand’ water heating gives excellent value for money and allows us to install solar water heating panels for increased water heating savings.

Long-lasting 12 volt LED lighting panels give better, controllable lighting at a much lower cost.

Modular Homes use automated extraction fans to ensure that they stay dry and hygienic all year round, making our homes healthier and cheaper to heat.

Quakestar is a rating system for building, it provides an immediate, concise and relevant understanding of a building’s ability to withstand earthquake damage. Quakestar ratings address three main issues – safety, cost to recover and business interruption or time to recover. A high Quakestar rating lowers insurance cost during and after build and confirms that the building is built to resist earthquakes. Modular Homes’ high strength to weight ratio helps it to withstand earthquake damage.

The patented Modular Building System (MBS) enables Modular Homes to be built and re-configured quickly and easily. The outer walls and roof provide the building’s structural strength, allowing internal wall panels to be removed and re-configured. A 4 bedroom apartment can be re-configured to a 2 or 3 bedroom, or 2 apartments with kitchen/lounges, or a 6 bedroom apartment with shared bathroom.

Modular Homes are extremely versatile as they can be flat-packed into shipping containers, are lightweight and quick to build, are warm in winter, cool in summer, durable, hygienic and easy to clean.
Re-configurable for almost any purpose; Houses, flats, offices, kitchens, insulated/chilled food stores, motels, holiday park accommodation, retirement villages, and temporary housing.
Components such as internal walls, bathrooms, kitchens, cabinetry and furnishings can often be re-used in new configurations, meaning less expense and waste.